Yin Shijun



Lecture Title: Smart Civil Aviation Transportation System (SCATS)

Speaker: Yin Shijun, Chief Engineer, Civil Aviation Administration of China



Yin Shijun is the chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Since joining the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in 2006, he has successively served as the Deputy Director General and the Director General of the Department of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification, the Civil Aviation Safety Supervisor and the Chief Engineer of CAAC. He mainly engaged in aircraft airworthiness supervision, the application of new technologies in the field of Chinese civil aviation, the UAV supervision and management, the promotion of broadband communication (5G) and Beidou in civil aviation, and the construction of Smart Civil Aviation Transportation System (SCATS), etc.
After graduating from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1984, he began his career in Harbin Aviation Industry Group, one of the major aircraft manufacturers of China's aviation industry. His working experiences mainly cover aviation airborne avionics and instruments, measurement and testing, quality control, vocational training, and general aviation management. He once served as the deputy chief engineer of Harbin Aviation Industry Group and the General manager of China Flying-Dragon General Aviation Company.

Lecture summary:
The civil aviation industry is experiencing significant challenges of continuously increasing air traffic demand, energy shortage, environmental crisis, and competitiveness of passenger service from ground transportation systems. In the foreseeable years, the current human-centered aviation transportation system is commonly considered unsustainable under the operational mode determined by the current technological system. Fortunately, the application of cutting-edge technologies in civil aviation industry is continuously shaping the future civil aviation industry. CAAC is currently promoting the construction of the Smart Civil Aviation Transportation System (SCATS) as the critical path for building a global civil aviation power. The lecture addresses a series of governmental support and promotion policies, introduces the connotation, characteristics, and infrastructure of SCATS and discusses a series of typical scenarios and supporting technologies. CAAC also established a leading group with the Rules of Procedure to promote the planning, construction and implementation of SCATS.