Sino-French Session Speakers

Gao Lei



Lecture Title:Model Based Design and Practice for Avionics System

Speaker: Gao Lei, Vice Director, CARERI




Mr. Gao Lei has long been engaged in the research of Integrated Modular Avionics system design and verification technology, as well as model-based avionics system design technology. He led the team to build a model-based avionics design process including model-based requirements analysis, system design, safety assessment, digital mock-up validation and verification, and build a design tool chain using unified model source, including safety assessment tools based on the ASPECT model.


Lecture summary: 

The report introduces the experience and practice of model-based system engineering in the field of the aircraft avionics by CARERI. The report is divided into three parts:

1. The development trend of avionics system: introduce from the aspects of the aircraft’s flight mission profile, the function and composition of avionics system, the typical driving factors of avionics technology development and the development history of integrated modular avionics system.

2. Model-based avionics system design: The report firstly introduces the MBSE aircraft R&D ecosystem construction. Then, it introduces the MBSE design process and technical features, and demonstrates the model-based V-process with the development of advanced avionics system for the future air navigation system as the development input. Next, the MBSE related activities in the V-process are introduced one by one, including avionics system operational scenario modeling, avionics system architecture design modeling, avionics sub-system requirements analysis validation modeling, and avionics sub-system architecture modeling activities. Input, output, and process of these activities, as well as the relationship between them, are introduced. Finally, the model-based safety assessment process is introduced.

3. Model-based avionics system design practice: Taking the surface guidance application under the future air navigation system as a case, show how to carry out system modeling and prototype-based requirement validation, how to carry out design and requirement validation based on the simulation integrated environment, and how to carry out the design and requirement verification based on the virtual integrated environment.