Mr. CHEN Yong is currently as the Chief Engineer, permanent member of the Science and Technology Committee and Chief Designer of ARJ2 in COAMC, He is the leader of the field of the jet passenger aircraft technology, led has developed the first jet aircraft (ARJ21) which was putted into the commercial operation in China, to fill the gaps of jet aircraft, and established the technical system of civil aircraft, laid the technical foundation of large aircraft.


Mr. CHEN won a National Science and Technology Progress award once (ranked No.1), provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress first prize 6 times (5 ranked No.1), has been awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal, the State Council special allowance winner, one of the first group of national "Ten Thousand Plan" selected, and is the Shanghai science and technology talents, Science and Technology Innovator of the 2019, "FENG Ru Aviation Elite Award", etc.