CH UAV Science & Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a general leader for industrial development of special aircrafts of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. As an international manufacturer of the most complete UAV spectrum in China, the Company is engaged in research and devel-opment, design, integration and services of CH UAV system, and research and development, design and production of Archer series guided missiles. It boasts of large and medium-sized UAV products and core technology with complete indepen-
dent intellectual property rights and industrial chain supporting functions. The Company, starting to develop and manufacture UAVs in 1999, is now internationally advanced, and among the top three in the trade of UAV at home.
The main products of the Company are CH-3, CH-4, CH-5, CH-10, CH-101,CH-804D and the like UAVs and Archer series airborne weapons, providing system-atic air smart system solutions for many customers. As the first batch of Chinese UAVs exported, CH UAVs have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions, and have achieved remarkable combat gains in the battlefields of many
countries, as reputed as "nation guarding edge tools". In the civilian field, CH UAVs,with a set of UAV civil use modes of platforms mounted with users' loads to provide services, have been applied to geological prospecting, marine protection and nucle-ar magnetic radiation integrated measurement, and have won the title of the "first exporter" of UAVs for civilian purpose.
In the future, CH UAVs, committed to the international and domestic markets, will quickly catch their information, further promote the industrial construction layout and progress under the strategy of military and civil integration, to take the lead in the market of medium and high-end UAVs, and march forward in the road of industrial development.