AVIC Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng is a member unit of the China Aviation Industry Group Corporation. It is the research and development leader and assembly unit of integrated management system, hydraulic system, fuel system, air management system and auxiliary power system of aviation mechanics. It is an international cooperation, subcontract production and independent research and development base of civil aircraft hydraulic, fuel and air management system. It is a system-level supplier of C919 large passenger aircraft and other projects. It has the capability of pre-research, model development, design and manufacture, test delivery and maintenance support of a complete aviation airborne electromechanical system.

AVIC Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng has a product R & D team composed of 90 researchers, more than 500 senior professional technicians and more than 1200 other professional technicians. It has 5 electromechanical systems divisions, 4 professional product divisions and specialized manufacturing branches such as machining, heat treatment, sheet metal welding, etc., and has established several joint ventures in international famous enterprises such as Honeywell, Liebherr, Hansheng, etc.

At present, AVIC Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng has air refueling equipment, constant speed transmission device, emergency power device, ram air turbine, air turbine starter, gas turbine starter, auxiliary power device, high-pressure water removal environment control system, three-wheel turbine cooler, high-performance electro-hydraulic servo valve series, high-pressure hydraulic pump series, fuel pump, high-voltage DC motor series, telex aircraft ground control system, rudder actuator series and other core technologies and products are at the leading level in China.

AVIC Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng has integrated comprehensive multi-professional technical advantages and comprehensive strength, and has provided systems and supporting products for the electromechanical systems of more than 60 military aircrafts. It has won 4 national-level technological progress special awards, 40 national-level scientific and technological progress awards, and more than 300 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards.