Gao Xinghai



Lecture Title: Implementation Mechanism of UAS Interoperability Based on Architecture Meta-Model

Speaker: Gao Xinghai, Chief Engineer Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)




Gao Xinghai, Professor, chief engineer of Unmanned Systems Institute with BeiHangk University and Certified System Engineer Profesional (CSEP) of INCOSE.

About 10 years, facing the innovative development and management of complex systems in A&D, he has vigorously promoted model-based system engineering(MBSE) and organized a globally recognized system engineering training and certification education. At present, there are more than 2000 trainees and more than 300 have obtained INCOSE(International Council on Systems Engineering) system engineer certification. He was once in charge of the operation of the national experience center for the integration of informatization and industrialization, and established a domestic leading system engineering technical service team. As one of the main contributor on MBSE Best-Practice in AVIC and won the First Award of innovation achievements of national enterprise management modernization in 2018.

Lecture summary:

Facing the development trend of key cross-domain interoperability technologies deployed by new UAV systems in the concept of future joint operations, focusing on the interoperability characteristics of UAV operational and design, and applying architecture-based Systems Engineering process and modeling and simulation(M&S) method in model-based system engineering(MBSE), this research derives the typical functions and basic structure of UAV system architecture, and develop general UAV system architecture meta-model definition technology, and support each level interoperability technology characteristics of the UAV system implementation.

The architecture meta-model for cross-domain interoperability of UAV systems proposed in this paper can support the rapid configuration of UAV system solutions of different configurations through the selection and tailoring of architecture meta-models according to joint operations requirements and system functional configuration requirements. It provides a perfect technical route to further advance the serialization, standardized development and interoperability of future UAV systems.