Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS) changes its perspective from the ground to the air, and the ground operation changes from the ground to the air, bringing broad prospects for its application. It has some good applications in industry, agriculture, transportation, security, media entertainment, insurance, communication, exploration and other fields. It covers complex system elements such as air flight platform, ground station, communication link and operation support system, and can also drive the development of upstream and downstream industries such as materials, parts, module system, manufacturing and service. However, due to the impact of use management, reliability, affordability and other factors, its lack of safety and economy has not yet produced a scene of vigorous application, which also requires the support of corresponding industry specification, standards and the development of scale and industrialization, in order to bring a better prospect for its industrialization, commercialization and wide application.

Wang Yingxun, Professor and doctoral supervisor of BeiHang University, he is the president of Beihang Unmanned System Research Institute and Yunnan Innovation Research Institute, Council member of China Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Director of UAV system professional group of China AOPA UAV professional committee, and appointed representative of UAV driver. He used to be director of UAV Office of Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC).

He is Engaged in autonomous control of UAV, key model development and project management, and served as deputy chief designer and chief designer. He has obtained IPMP senior project manager qualification and INCOSE Certified System Engineer lecturer.

He won the first prize of national science and technology progress (R3), the outstanding young engineer of Beijing, the pacesetter of economic and technological innovation of Beijing, and the gold medal of AVIC.