Directly under the jurisdiction of Civil Aviation Administration of China, CAUC is located in Tianjin on the border of Bohai Sea, adjacent to Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Occupying an area of 1.1 million square meters, the university has an enrollment of over 24,000 students, dedicating itself to fostering advanced engineering technicians and senior management personnel for the civil aviation industry. Conforming to its guiding principle of “setting its foothold on the civil aviation industry, serving the entire society and embracing the whole world”, CAUC has grown to cover all the necessary disciplines within the civil aviation industry, which integrates the two disciplinary groups –Aviation Science & Technology and Transportation Engineering, functioning as an important base for cultivating professional talents and offering scientific and technical support for China’s civil aviation industry.

Throughout its history, CAUC cherished and glorified the struggling spirit of its predecessors, shaping its school spirit as “practicing strictness and pursuing excellence” and carrying out instructions as “diligence, precision, discipline and innovation”. Maintaining long-lasting momentum, CAUC has made remarkable achievements in the aspects of talent cultivation, scientific research and social service. Now the university is renowned as the cradle of talents for China’s civil aviation, the centre of scientific and technological research, as well as the window of cross-cultural communication.

Since its foundation, CAUC has produced more than 80,000 talents. 1/7 of civil aviation personnel in China graduated from CAUC; 1/3 of the advanced engineering technicians and senior management personnel received education in CAUC, who formed the backbone of China’s aviation industry. Graduates from CAUC can be found working in all the fields of Chinese aviation, as well as international organizations such as ICAO and IATA.