Changhe Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. , an AVIC company, is located in the famous porcelain capital, Jingdezhen City. As helicopter development and production base in China, our company has the capability for development and series production of multi-type helicopters as well as subcontract production of aviation parts and assemblies.  


In recent years, driven by market demand, powered by technical innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation, based on modification and variation as well as development of new product, AVIC CHANGHE AIRCRAFT continuously works hard at advancing the optimization and upgrade of helicopter industry structure and is committed at mutual development between international business and domestic business and between military aircraft and civil aircraft. The flagship product includes Z8 、Z10、Z11 、AC311、AC311A、 AC313、S300.


The first large civil helicopter of China, AC313 broke the several records for the development of China helicopter industry. It created the record of highest ceiling at 8000 meters in Gonghe of Qinghai Province. AC313 completed verification flight test in cold area and received Type Certificate in 2012 and passed AEG audit in December 2013. It becomes the first civil helicopter obtaining Type A Airworthiness Certificate in 4500-meter altitude areas.

Newly developed AC311, a two-ton-class civil helicopter fills in a gap of China’s light civil helicopter and become the first helicopter passing AEG audit in China.

Currently Changhe Aircraft Company has established Maintenance Center, Training Center and Customer Support Center, and successively obtained the qualification of maintenance and training as per CCAR-147, maintenance qualification as per CCAR-145. Besides, Changhe Aircraft Company has held dominant shares over Shanghai Heli General Aviation Limited Company that has obtained Class A general aviation qualification and operating qualification as per CCAR-91 and has established the development system integrating the helicopter sale, lease, trusteeship, flight training, after-sale service and operation. Now, Changhe Aircraft Company is trying its best to build a first-class and modern aviation company with advanced technology, excellent benefit and continuous development.