Founded in 1959, the Chinese Flight Test Establishment (CFTE) (Flight Test Center of the Aviation Industry of China) locates in Yan Liang District of Xi’an city. It is the only national-level authorized evaluation flight test establishment for military and civil aircraft, aero engines and airborne equipment, and it is also a national-level flight test technology research institute, as well as the national “Aircraft Airworthiness Accreditation Laboratory” in China.
The main roles CFTE undertakes are as follows: 1.Evaluation test flight of military and civil aircraft, helicopters, aero engines, airborne equipment and other aviation products and civil aircraft airworthiness certification test flight; 2.Research on flight techniques and test flight methods; 3.Compiling various flight test regulations, rules, standards, specifications and manuals; 4.Research on flight measurement test technology, and carries out the development of production of measurement equipment; 5.The research and simulation test technologies of various test aircraft; 6.Research on ergonomics which provides supports for exploring new technologies in aviation and relevant type R&D; 7.Training and technique assessment of domestic and foreign test pilots (pilots), FTEs and maintenance personnel; 8. International cooperation and academic exchanges in the field of flight test, etc.
Under the correct leadership of higher authorities, CFTE has successively completed the national–level evaluation test flight and airworthiness certification test flight of more than 100 kinds of aircraft and engines and more than 2000 airborne equipment. It has completed more than 1300 research projects and won more than 1000 scientific and technological achievements, including 70 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. CFTE also independently developed a series of flight test aircraft including variable stability aircraft, high-speed ejection test aircraft, radar electric test aircraft and airborne engine test bed, and successfully developed new test systems such as flutter excitation system and real-time monitoring system. CFTE has made breakthroughs in the key technologies of test flight of the third-generation fighter and civil airworthiness certification test flight, and has established a complete flight test technology system and management system.
After decades of endeavor and effort, CFTE has evolved into a modern comprehensive flight test establishment that can undertake multiple types of aircraft and meet various functional requirements. Till now, CFTE has established a interconnecting, complementary and systematic research, test, design and trial-production system consisting of more than 120 professions in flight mechanics, strength load, flying quality, variation and acoustics, power plant, airborne equipment, flight control, flight simulation, automatic control and identification, reliability and maintainability, data processing, aircraft system, etc. 
In the development course of more than half-century, CFTE has witnessed the arduous journey of China’s aviation flight test undertaking grows to such a large-scale out of nothing. Four flight test heroes, Wang Ang, Hua Jun, Huang Bingxin, and Li Zhonghua and several international test pilots such as Li Zhonghua and Zhang Jingting emerged. Model workers in central government-owned enterprise like Liu Xuanmin and Chen Peng, Aviation Gold Medal winners Zhou Ziquan, Zhang Kerong, National May 1st Labor Medal Winners Guo Pingfan, Zhu Zengke, Xia Yanteng as well as nearly 100 outstanding scientific and technological elites and technical experts were cultivated here.
Standing at a new historical starting point, we will take the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide to thoroughly implement AVIC’s new era development strategy of “One Mission, Two Integrations, Three Capabilities and Five Upgrades” and closely focus on CFTE’s new era development plan of “World-class by Two Steps”, “Three Competences and Three Platforms”, and “Four All-round Development”. We will continue to carry forward the flight test spirit of “Faithful and Conscientious, Truth-seeking and Innovative, Just and Meticulous, Tenacious and Courageous”, and strive for the goal of “build an aviation power in the new era” and “forge a world-class flight test establishment”.