AVIC The First Aircraft Institute (hereinafter AVIC FAI) is China’s only national-level institute capable of designing large and medium-sized military and civil aircrafts, including fighter-bomber, bomber, civil aircraft, transport aircraft and special mission aircraft. Under the leadership of Aviation Industry Corporation Of China, Ltd., it is conferred with “National Industrial Design Center” and “International Joint Research Center”. The primary tasks of AVIC FAI are conceptual design of aircrafts, main performance tests of whole aircraft as well as the main subsystem functional verification and system integration. Since its establishment in 1961, AVIC FAI has successfully developed various aircraft types of milestone significance:China’s first regional jetliner—Y-7, the first early warning aircraft—KJ-1, the first fighter-bomber—JH-7(“Flying Leopard”), the first light business aircraft—LE-500, the first early warning aircraft —KJ-2000 and the first large transport aircraft —Y-20.Two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering are working at AVIC FAI. AVIC FAI has established a complete system of aircraft type planning, pre-research, design, research, integration, testing, support, and research management. It has built a full set of research and test facilities, including “Key Laboratory of National Defense Science and Technology” and “Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory”. Moreover, AVIC FAI has the capability to develop a whole range of aircrafts and undertake research and development of several advanced military and civil aircrafts as well as providing supporting products. Today, AVIC FAI is centered on six national strategic tasks in both military and civil field and is committed to becoming an institute of designing large and medium-sized military and civil aircrafts with international competitiveness.