AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design & Research Institute (AVIC SADI), which was established in August 1961, is the earliest aircraft design and research institute in China. Since its founding, SADI has been dedicated to the general design and research of fighters / Unmanned Air Vehicles.

AVIC SADI possesses strong capability in scientific research and development. SADI has 199 design specialties, which cover 3 areas—aircraft design, test and verification, and technical support. With its advanced aircraft design approaches, SADI is able to conduct whole plane 3-D digitized collaborative design of multi aircraft models simultaneously. SADI possesses adequate test facilities including 25 key laboratories, among which the whole plane electromagnetic compatibility laboratory has reached the domestic advanced level. Besides, SADI can also provide large scale digitized simulation design and verification environment.

Since the founding of SADI, more than 30 key models have been designed and manufactured for the Chinese Air force and Navy, the scope of which covers Air Superiority, Fleet Air Defense, A-S Attack, Reconnaissance, Training and Special Mission. Those aircraft batches in operational service are the main battle equipment in the army’s tactical architecture and play an important role in the equipment technological system. Currently, more than 10 key weapon equipment models of 3rd, 4th generation fighters such as J-15 series models, Gyrfalcon as well as UAVs are under development. SADI achieves a historic leap from the 3rd generation aircraft to 4th generation aircraft, from the land to the ocean and from manned aircraft to unmanned aircraft.

During the time of more than half a century, SADI won more than 580 national and provincial achievement awards, among which 4 models of aircraft won gold award and silver award of National Defense Science and Technology Industry Award. In the long term of engineering practice, a high quality aviation science research and design team with 6 academicians as the outstanding representatives, supereminent technical leaders and senior management personnel has been established, therefore, SADI is called the “base of combat aircraft design and research, cradle of aviation talents” of China.