AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute---Static & fatigue testing laboratory for full-scale civil aircraft 


China Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI),founded in April 1965 and affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of ChinaLtd. (AVIC), is the unique research, verification and certification center of aircraft strength in China, and is on behalf of the nation to verify the developed and modified aircraft. ASRI is constituted of one headquarter in Xi’an city and two testing centers in Yanliang and Shanghai, respectively. 
ASRI has established the strength technical system including 14 research field, including static, dynamic, fatigue, climatic adaptability and etc., established 3 key laboratories of AVIC and 1 key laboratory of Shannxi Province. 
ASRI has conducted full-scale aircraft static/fatigue/vibration tests. ASRI has led over 300 national key research projects, and being awarded more than 40 national technical achievements and more than 350 provincial technical achievements. ASRI has been fulfilling her commission to make significant contribution to the development of China’s aviation industry and modernization of national defense.