Welcome from CSAA

Welcome from the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics(CSAA)

On behalf of the Chinese Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), we would like to welcome all potential delegates to the 32nd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS2021), to be held during September 6-10 in Shanghai, China.

With over 200 corporate and 100,000 individual members from the industry, research and education institutes as well as civil aviation, CSAA has joined ICAS since 1982. It once held the ICAS Congress in Beijing in 1992.

Over a course of nearly three decades, China has witnessed remarkable progress in aeronautics and aviation. A large number of talents including students, administrative personnel, researchers and industry workers are engaged in this filed. A series of self-developed aerial vehicles like the C919, regional jet ARJ21, large civil helicopter AC313, medium-lift utility helicopter Z-20, large transport Y-20, amphibious vehicle AG 600, etc have rolled out and more are in the pipeline. The domestic aviation industry is more engaged in the world industry chain than ever through cooperative project like helicopter Z -15 and acquisition of Cirrus Industries Inc. We are more than happy to show you a very different China with a more advanced aviation industry from 30 years ago through the upcoming Congress.

Meanwhile, according to the previous data collected by ICAS, the abstract submission number and the total of delegates from China ranked right next to the hosting country for the past four Congresses in a row. Chinese talents are eager to communicate with their world peers for more academic exchange and collaboration. The ICAS 2021 will be just an opportunity for that.

Shanghai is an international and dynamic city, known as the Oriental Pearl. It’s also an aviation city with facilities of manufacturing, aero-engine and airborne system research as well as assembly all in one. The Congress venue lies in the very heart of it with the sight of Huangpu River on the one side and the skyscrapers on the other. While the ICAS committees mainly devoting to its technical program, the Local Organizing Committee will be committed to providing you with the first-class facilities, handy assistance, diversified social activities and technical tour options. We believe from the venue, you can better explore the city, from the city you can better explore China.

Despite the COVID-19, we plan to hold the Congress as scheduled. We believe the virus will be brought under control soon with the strong actions taken by the government and support from the international community. The Congress which to be held in September shall not be affected.

We hereby cordially welcome delegates both at home and abroad to take part in the ICAS 2021 and value it as an incomparably international platform to hear and to be heard about the latest research progress and some of the world leading scientific results.

Finally we wish you can join us, finding out the ICAS 2021 a both technology and culture-loaded journey yourself.


Dr. Lin Zuoming
President, CSAA
Dr. Zhang Xinguo
Vice President,CSAA
Chief Scientist of Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE)
Chair,ICAS2021 LOC
Dr. Yao Junchen
Secretary General, CSAA
Co-chair, ICAS2021 LOC