Technical Tours

32nd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

The Congress participants are invited to visit a number of aeronautical research centers, labs and aviation enterprises located in Shanghai, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province and Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China. The facilities cover assembly, design, static test, customer service, flight training etc., catering to various interests of the delegates.

The technical tour is scheduled on September 10. The routes will be made available online at for registration. It’s limited to registered delegates with a certain limit of seats for each route. The participation will be subject to identity verification upon request.


Here is the proposed list of technical tours:

Technical visit facilities in Shanghai


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) - Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Centre

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) is a state-owned limited liability company established in 2008 headquartered in Shanghai. It functions as the main vehicle in implementing large passenger aircraft programs in China. It is also mandated with the overall planning of developing trunk liner and regional jet programs and realizing the industrialization of civil aircraft in China. COMAC is engaged in the research, manufacture and flight tests of civil aircrafts and related products, as well as marketing, servicing, leasing and operations of civil aircraft through its nine member organizations. The company endeavors to manufacture large passenger aircraft that are safer, cost-effective, comfortable and environment-friendly. So far, it has two products.

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the aircraft manufacturing center of COMAC. SAMC is responsible for the manufacturing and assembly of ARJ21-700, C919 and CR929 aircrafts. It is also leading series of key research on manufacturing, materials, tooling, etc.


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China - Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Centre


COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. is the custom service center of COMAC. Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd. SACSC is responsible for the research, system construction and implementation of life-cycle customer service of ARJ21-700, C919 and CR929 aircrafts, and is mainly engaged in civil aircraft flight, maintenance, crew and dispatch training.


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China - Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute


COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute is the design and development center of COMAC. SADRI undertakes the design, test, research and key technology development of ARJ21-700, C919 and CR929 aircraft with independent intellectual property rights.


AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute---Static & fatigue testing laboratory for full-scale civil aircraft


Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI) is affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which is the only aircraft structural strength research center and ground strength verification base in aviation industry of China. It undertakes full-scale aircraft ground strength appraisal and verification test for the whole aviation industry and gives strength conclusions of new research and modification aircraft on the behalf of the nation. Besides, ARSI provides test data and conclusions for aircraft structure lifetime and reliability. It is an indispensable link in the four important links of aircraft development: design, production, testing and flight testing.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Delegates will be able to visit its History Museum and several labs of its School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China.

SJTU has 30 schools/departments, 31 research institutions, 13 affiliated hospitals, 2 affiliated medical research institute, 12 directly affiliated units and 6 directly affiliated enterprises, with 16,000+ undergraduates and 30,000+ postgraduates, 3,000+ overseas students. The university faculty includes 3,000+ full-time teachers, 22 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 22 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

SJTU has 67 undergraduate programs covering 9 major disciplines: economics, law, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and arts. SJTU has 2 teachers of "Ten-thousand Talents Program", 1 teacher of "National Special Support Program for High-Level Personnel Recruitment" and 8 nationally renowned teachers. SJTU won the 1st national "double demonstration base" and established student innovative center.


AVIC China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute (CARERI)

Established in 1957, China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute is a research institute specialized in avionics integration and radio technology researches, undertaking the tasks of military and commercial airborne core system, equipment and UAV test and control technology development. Its scope of business covers scientific research, manufacture, distribution and after-market service.

CARERI is proud of its key laboratories for avionics integration technology and radio technology, both oriented to national defense utility. The two laboratories are equipped with advanced technologies such as avionics integration, cockpit display and control, airborne core processing, integrated information management, air traffic management, wireless radio communication and navigation, UAV test and control command and computer hardware.

The Institute is of first-rate technology background and capability: 7 aeronautical product R&D platforms, 4 avionics integration supporting platforms; completed system and product testing, validation and evaluation environment, advanced SMT electronic mounting production line, machine processing production line, aviation product integration and testing center. It is capable of carrying out researches on all types of weaponry development, manufacturing and maintenance. The technical and management systems of CARERI are also standardized and mature: it is GJB9001A, GJB5000, CMM-3 and AS9100C approved, and is undergoing the qualification approval of civil airworthiness management system. The institute is heading toward an all-around quality system that is catering to military and commercial aviation products research and service.


Technical visit facilities in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province


Xi’an is home to a cluster of aeronautical research centers and higher education institutes. As an ancient city famous for its historical relics like the Terra-Cotta Warriors, Xi’an is among the most popular tourist destinations.

Xi'an is around 3-hour away from Shanghai by air. For delegates choosing this route, we will provide the recommended flight and booking service. It will be a one-way travel. After visit, delegates shall dismiss and go on with their post-tour on their own.


Avic Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd.


AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industrial (Group) Company, Ltd(abbreviated as XAC), founded on May 8th, 1958, is served as an important aviation industry base of scientific research, development and manufacturing of large and medium sized military and civil aircraft in China. Over 60 years, XAC has developed a series of aviation products including H6 Bomber, China Flying Leopard family, MA series and large transport aircraft.

In recent years, XAC has been building itself a rapid pace, leading to continuous enhancement of capability and strength. XAC has successively f completed final assembly and integration of large transport aircraft, development of critical parts and components for large airliner and seaplane, making tremendous contribution to the development of China’s national defense and aviation industry. On the 70th anniversary parade of National Day, XAC-made five types of total 15 aircraft flew over Tian’anmen Square in formation, receive review by the CPC and the people across the world.

By actively advocate the strategy of “One Belt One Road” and pushing construction of the “Air Silk Road”, XAC has establish a robust system of development, manufacturing, marketing, services and airworthiness management system for commercial aircraft, resulting in professional development system of commercial aircraft. XAC has been playing an active role in participating workload in international aviation industry. XAC has also set a long and stable partnership with world-renowned aircraft builders such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Alenia.

Looking to the future, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era, XAC will put into practice AVIC development strategy of “One Mission, Two Integration, Three Capabilities and Five Upgrades” in a new era, fully push forward the enterprise’s development program and sustain an initiative of “Smart XAC” in all effort to construct an aviation power in a new era.


Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)

Located in the historic city of Xi'an, cradle of Chinese civilization and terminus of the ancient Silk Road, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is the only multidisciplinary and research-oriented in China that is simultaneously developing education and research programs in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, and marine technology engineering. It is now affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China (PRC), NPU has always been one of the nation’s key universities. In 1960 it was approved as a state key university by the State Council. It ranked among China’s top 15 universities in the state’s 7th and 8th Five-Year plans; and NPU is one of the first 22 universities to have established a graduate school. It was one of the first universities to enter into the 211 Project in 1995 and the 985 Project in 2001. NPU is a member of the "Outstanding University Alliance" program and is honored as a National Role Model Unit, a National Pioneer for Optimal Advanced Basic-level Party Organization and a Model University for Graduate Employment etc.

NPU adheres to the motto "Loyalty, Integrity, Courage and Perseverance" while carrying forward the spirit of "Strong Preparation, Diligent Effort, Practical Attitude, and Creative Innovation". NPU has put its roots down in the west; dedicated itself to national defense and written several “firsts” into the history of the PRC. Now NPU will continue to pioneer new pathways into the future in the process of building a world first-class university and world first-class disciplines.


Technical visit facilities in Chengdu,Sichuan Province


Chengdu is another major aviation city with a variety of aviation industry facilities and training centers. Located in the hinterland of China, it’s also best known for its giant pandas.

Chengdu is around 3.5-hour away from Shanghai by air. For delegates choosing this route, we will provide the recommended flight and booking service. It’s a one-way travel. It will be a one-way travel. After visit, delegates shall dismiss and go on with their post-tour on their own.


AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd

The Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) was founded in 1958. It is a subsidy of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. It’s a center for the development, production and export of equipment and civil aircraft parts.

It has undertaken the research and production of the self-developed commercial aircraft C919, ARJ21, and the large amphibious aircraft AG600. It is an international leading supplier for civil aircraft components, producing and delivering more than 10,000 subcontract products for civil aircrafts. It’s also involved in the development of civil UAVs and business jets.

A visit to the company’s exhibition hall will be arranged.


Civil Aviation Flight University of China(CAFUC)


In the past 62 years CAFUC accumulates abundant experiences and possesses over 600 flight or other specialty teachers with precise teaching style and exquisite technology. Nowadays CAFUC has 5 well-equipped flight-training airports in Xinjin, Guanghan, Mianyang and 30 supporting simulators and exercisers. In recent years CAFUC has made extraordinary achievements in aviation safety. It has won the highest award for general aviation-”Golden Seagull Cup” granted by CAAC for six times and been successively granted the honorable titles of “National Advanced Primary Party Organization”, “National Model Unit of Safe Flying”, “National Civil Aviation Advanced Unit of Safe Flying”, “Sichun Model Unit”, “Sichuan Advanced Unit in Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities”, “Excellent Higher Education of Carrying out School Sports Work Regulations”, etc.

At Present CAFUC offer 33 specialties for undergraduates, including flight technology (Cargo transport aircraft pilot, general aircraft pilot, helicopter pilot), transport and communication (air traffic control, flight dispatch, aeronautical information and airfield control), English, computer science and technology, business administration, heat energy and power engineering, electronic information engineering, safety engineering, traffic engineering, logistic management, marketing, cabin attendant and tourist management, business management and air service.

During the 62 years CAFUC has cultivated over 32000 pilots (about 70% of Chinese pilots) and 10000 ground technical professionals for Chinese civil aviation and done the transition training of about 15000 (person-times) pilots and continuing education of 20000 (person-times) professionals of civil aviation. It also has cultivated a large number of pilots for such countries and regions as Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Mongolia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Macao. Its adult education and private pilot certificate training has begun to take shape.

A visit to its history exhibition hall, flight training airports in Guanghan, simulator training center, aero-Engine maintenance training center and civil aviation lab will be arranged. The visit to all or part of the above will be arranged according to agenda.