Exhibitor Manual & Floor Plan

 The booth size    

Exhibitors can design the size of display materials/posters in the booth according to the following size

 The booth figure    
Level 3 - China Hall

  The Booth Contains:
1 Table

110A/220V Socket (Max.500W)

2 Spotlights

2 Chairs

1 Bin

1 Banner with the name of the exhibitor (made by the organizer, not by the exhbitor)

Grey Carpet



  Advertising Material
Canvassing or distributing of advertising material by non-exhibiting, commer- cial companies is strictly prohibited. Exhibitor advertising will not be permit- ted outside of the exhibitor’s assigned space. Unauthorized signage will be removed.

Exhibitor demonstrations should not interfere with normal traffic flow nor infringe on neighbouring exhibits. No demonstrations will be permitted out- side of the exhibitor’s assigned space.

 Facility Regulations
Exhibitors are required to abide by all facility regulations in the design, instal- lation, operation and dismantlement of their exhibit stands. A complete description of electrical, fire, labor and property regulations will be listed in exhibitor information to be distributed at a later date.

 Food and Beverage Distribution
Exhibitors wishing to dispense or serve any food or beverage from assigned exhibit space must notify the venue. Further information will be provided in exhibitor information to be distributed at a later date.

The exhibitor shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to property owned by the venue and its owners or managers, which result from any act or omission of the exhibitor. The exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless. The exhibitor’s liability shall include all losses, costs, dam- ages, or expenses arising from, out of, or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any person or
persons, including the exhibitor, its agents, employees and business invitees which arise from or out of the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition or any part thereof. In addition, the exhibitor acknowledges that the confer- ence organizer, the venue, and all other service providers do not maintain insurance covering the exhibitor’s property and that it is the sole responsibili- ty of the exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insur- ance covering such losses by the exhibitor.

  Market Research
Surveys or market research of any kind is prohibited.

  No Smoking
Smoking in all public space in the venue is prohibited.

  Prizes and Lotteries
Prizes, sponsored contests and prize drawings will not be permitted.

  Promotional Items
A promotional item must be submitted to the conference organizer along with a sample, photo, or written description of each item. Distribution of descrip- tive product literature, notepads, pens and pencils is permitted and does not have to be approved. Other items may be distributed from the exhibitor’s stand only with prior written approval. All items to be distributed must be useful to the attendees or in the daily activities of the booth visitor. Any exhib- itor found distributing materials which have not been officially approved may be required to cease distribution immediately.

The conference organizer reserves the right to relocate exhibitors. In the event that it is necessary to relocate an exhibitor after a specific space assign- ment has been made, the conference organizer will contact the exhibitor. Every effort will be made to reassign the exhibitor to similar space.

Sales are prohibited in the exhibition area.