About ICAS

About ICAS

ICAS is an international, non-government, non-profit scientific organization with the mission to advance knowledge and facilitate collaboration in aeronautics. ICAS is the only international support organization to representative aeronautical engineering professional societies and their members in 30 countries. ICAS organizes every two years an International Congress covering all aspects of aeronautical science and technology and their application to both military and civil aviation. A short summary description about ICAS can be downloaded.

 A short summary description about ICAS


What is the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences?

  • It was founded by Theodore von Karman in 1957.
  • It is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that facilitates and encourages the free exchange of information on aeronautical research and technology at a global level.
  • It is the global organization supporting aeronautical engineering professional societies and associated organizations from around 30 countries.
  • It organizes a major biennial Congress presenting timely, high quality work from the world-wide research community covering all aspects of aeronautical science and technology and their application for both military and civil aviation.
  • More than one thousand engineers and scientists from all over the world are expected to attend the latest ICAS Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • All papers presented at the congress are included in the electronic publication available at the Congress. In addition, the ICAS electronic archive, containing over five thousand documents, is freely available to the world-wide aeronautics community.
  • The ICAS Congress provides a unique forum for engineers and scientists from all over the world to meet, to hear the results of the latest research and to exchange ideas and information. It also provides an opportunity for young engineers and students to develop an international network of colleagues.


ICAS History

A history booklet "ICAS - The First Fifty Years" edited by F. J. Sterk and finalised in 2008, when ICAS celebrated its 50 year anniversery, can be downloaded.
A short summary about the history of ICAS, as included in the ICAS 2008 Congress Programme, can be downloaded.
The first Guggenheim Lecture in 1958 was held by T. von Karman and he provides, as an introduction, some interesting background on how it all started. His lecture can be downloaded.
The lecture "ICAS - THE FIRST 50 YEARS" presented at ICAS 2008 by Dr John E. Green can be downloaded.
The locations of the ICAS Congresses over the past decades are listed below.

Congress location Congress location Congress location
1st 1958 Spain – Madrid 11th 1978 Portugal – Lisbon 21st 1998 Australia – Melbourne
2nd 1960 Switzerland – Zurich 12th 1980 Germany – Munich 22nd 2000 UK – Harrogate
3rd 1962 Sweden – Stockholm 13th 1982 USA – Seattle 23rd 2002 Canada – Toronto
4th 1964 France – Paris 14th 1984 France – Toulouse 24th 2004 Japan – Yokohama
5th 1966 UK – London 15th 1986 UK – London 25th 2006 Germany – Hamburg
6th 1968 Germany – Munich 16th 1988 Israel – Jerusalem 26th 2008 USA – Anchorage
7th 1970 Italy – Rome 17th 1990 Sweden – Stockholm 27th 2010 France – Nice
8th 1972 The Netherlands – Amsterdam 18th 1992 China – Beijing 28th 2012 Australia – Brisbane
9th 1974 Israel – Haifa 19th 1994 USA – Anaheim 29th 2014 Russia – St Petersburg
10th 1976 Canada – Ottawa 20th 1996 Italy – Sorrento 30th 2016 Korea – Daejeon
History Booklet
"ICAS - The First 50 Years"
History of ICAS The First Guggenheim Lecture
(by T. von Karman)
The Lecture
"ICAS - The First 50 Years"
(by Dr John E. Green)